Frequently Asked Questions

What is Palm Beach Heights and where is it? Palm Beach Heights is an 8,500-acre undeveloped subdivision located in southwestern Martin County, Florida.  It is located about 15 miles inland from the east coast.  It is roughly bound by Indiantown Rd (SR 706) on the south end, the Bee-Line Highway (SR 710) to the west, Kanner Hwy (SR 76) to the north, and Pratt Whitney Rd (SR 711) to the east.  There are no official roads inside the subdivision.  Click here for a map: Palm Beach Heights Map.

Are there any houses there? No.  Nothing was ever built in Palm Beach Heights.  Other than a few canals which were dug there in the 1970s, it is essentially raw, undeveloped land.

Why wasn’t it developed? To make a very long story short, after the original developer (the Palm Beach Heights Development & Sales Corporation) sold most of the lots, they ran into problems with Martin County getting essential parts of the development approved.  After a series of legal battles with the County, the developer was forced into bankruptcy and landowners were stuck with property that they couldn’t build on due to prohibitive restrictions, lack of a drainage plan and roads, and numerous other issues.

What does the property look like?  Is it swampland? The lots in Palm Beach Heights vary quite a bit in their physical condition, depending on their location.  Some lots are located in a dry area and others are located in a wetland area dotted by natural ponds.  Whether or not a lot is wet at any given point in time also depends on seasonal rainfall.  The easiest way to view the property is via an aerial photograph.  Visit the “Aerial Photos” section of this website to find out how to access Martin County’s online aerial view of your property.

Can I get to my property? There are no roads in Palm Beach Heights and it is fenced off around the outer perimeter, making physical access impractical.  Also, since there are no roads or points of reference in this vast area, it would be difficult to pinpoint your specific lot location even if you did obtain access to the property.

How much is my land worth? Until the acquisition program resumes, it will be difficult to accurately value the property.  However, based on the standard acquisition procedures that the State is required to follow, the land’s value should be based on independent appraisals which will take into account comparable sales of similar property.

Can I sell it right now? Yes, you can.  Please contact us for more information about selling now.

Does the State of Florida want to buy this land and what do they plan to do with it? The From 2002 through around 2007, the State of Florida and local government purchased approximately a third of the parcels in Palm Beach Heights.  The acquisition program was loosely related to a more comprehensive plan to preserve wetland areas and reverse some of the environmental damage done over the years to the Everglades region of Florida.  The State also wanted to flood a large portion of the land to use as a water storage area.  However, as of 2017, the State of Florida is still not actively purchasing land in Palm Beach Heights.

Will it ever be developed? It is extremely unlikely that the land will ever be developed as originally planned.  However, the land does still have some value due to its proximity to existing government-owned property and because of its potential use for water management purposes.

What happens if I don’t pay my property taxes? If any property tax bill goes unpaid for more than 2 years from the original due date, the property could be sold at a tax deed auction for unpaid taxes.

How do I change my mailing address? You can notify the Martin County Property Appraiser of any address changes at (772) 288-5608, or you may do it online with the “Address Change Request” form at