You do not need an original copy of your deed to prove ownership or sell your land.

To get a copy of the deed, you can click the “Document Book/Page” (two numbers) link on the Martin County Property Appraiser’s record for your property.

However, this will only work for deeds recorded after the mid-1980’s.  Anything older than that (which, unfortunately, applies to most Palm Beach Heights lots) requires you to request a copy from the Martin County Archives.

Many times, the deed’s book and page number (the locator numbers of where the deed is recorded in the archives) isn’t listed on the Property Appraiser’s website.  Normally, a visual scan through hundreds of index pages on a microfische scanner at the courthouse is required to find these numbers.

However, to save landowners the hassle of doing this, we have painstakingly typed all of these older book and page numbers into a list.

CLICK HERE to access the list of deed book and page numbers.