Property Taxes

Property Tax Bills

Annual property tax bills on Palm Beach Heights lots are usually mailed to landowners around November of each year.  These tax bills are mailed to the address that Martin County has on file at that time, so it is important to notify Martin County if your address changes.

You may check the information they have on file at the Martin County Property Appraiser’s website.  You may also see a history of property tax payments.  Follow the same instructions listed on the “Aerial Photos” page to get this information:

How to Look Up Property Information

Delinquent Property Taxes

Annual property tax bills are due by March 31st of the following year (for instance, 2010 property taxes were due March 31, 2011).  After March 31st, the tax bill is considered delinquent and will start to accrue interest and fees on top of the original amount due.

If a tax bill goes unpaid for 2 years, the property could be sold at a tax deed auction at the Martin County Courthouse.